Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 26 Jun 2022 - 14:01 -------------------------------------------------- Title : The Balkhab war is a sedition of the United States / Compassionate leaders of different ethnic groups should stay away from the conflict -------------------------------------------------- Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's special envoy for Afghanistan, tweeted that the recent conflict in Balkhab was a sedition by the United States and said that the main driver of the conflict was the multinational intelligence services. According to him, the aim of this sedition is to sacrifice the Hazara and Tajik tribes and also to turn the Afghan crisis into a regional crisis. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran s Special Representative for Afghanistan, tweeted: "US priority for targeted unrest in Afghanistan is ethnic and religious warfare to sacrifice Hazaras and Tajiks and make Afghanistan crisis regional."   Compassionate leaders of all Afghan tribes distance themselves from the Balkhab conflict; the conflict in Balkhab has resulted in nothing but the bloodshed and destruction of Afghanistan.   All well-wishers in Afghanistan must take a stand against the Balkhab conflict; the main drivers of the conflict are multinational intelligence services.   The war in Balkhab is a preliminary American sedition; whoever encourages it has played in the scenario of that country.   Meanwhile, after two months of tension, on Thursday, two cancers clashed between the forces of the Islamic Emirate with Mehdi Mujahid and the forces under his command in Balkhab district, which lasted for two days and on Saturday, the district was taken over by the government.   Popular sources describe the clashes as intense and say that there have been casualties on both sides, but the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Emirate said in a statement two days ago that no casualties were inflicted on their forces and that Rumi Mehdi s forces had fled.