Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 6 Jun 2022 - 14:18 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Lebanese Defense Minister: Israel has once again ignored all international laws and norms -------------------------------------------------- The Lebanese Defense Minister called on the United Nations to take immediate action to counter these Israeli aggressions, noting that the Zionist regime's aggressive actions in the maritime zone disputed with Lebanon are a clear violation of international resolutions. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), "Lebanese Defense Minister Maurice Salim, in response to the recent Israeli aggression in the illegal entry of a ship belonging to this regime into the disputed sea area with Lebanon, announced that Israeli movements in the disputed area in Southern Lebanon is a challenge and provocation against this country and a clear violation of the stability that has been established in the southern region. "Israel has once again ignored all international laws and norms and is trying to impose its demands on the Lebanese border," Lebanese Defense Minister Behnia wrote al-Mayadin. Israel s move will thwart any efforts to resume US-mediated naval border talks under the auspices of the United Nations. The Lebanese minister called on the international community, as well as the United Nations, to take immediate action to end these Israeli moves, as well as to implement international resolutions to prevent any security tensions in southern Lebanon that could affect the entire region. A few weeks ago, Lebanon sent a letter to the United Nations stating its full adherence to maritime rights in the disputed area with the Zionist regime in February 2022, the Security Council published this letter as a document on its website. In the letter, Lebanon stressed that Karish Square in the region was in dispute and that the Security Council should prevent the Zionist regime from moving, which threatens international peace and security. He stressed: "The moment the gas extraction is done, it means that this issue is out of the previous equations and accordingly, it will become a disputed field." Many analysts believe that the main goal of Washington and Tel Aviv in negotiating the demarcation of the Lebanese-occupied Palestinian border after a few years has been to bring Lebanon back to normalizing relations with the Zionist regime. The disputed area has done so with Lebanon, and as much as Lebanon does not need to determine the exact maritime border, and perhaps pursues other goals of these negotiations.