Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 10 Nov 2019 18:52 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Afghan Movies Premiere in Australia -------------------------------------------------- Movies by Afghan filmmakers have premiered in Australia as part of Ghan International Film Festival 2019, which has been held annually for the past four years. Text : Forty-seven movies were selected for the festival, and many are about women, children and teenagers who are forced to leave Afghanistan because of clashes with conservative traditions, or because of the political-military situation in the country. Seven of the nominated films premiered in Adelaide last Thursday and Friday, and others will be shown for the first time in Melbourne on Monday, according to the organizer of the festival Fahim Hashemi. Ghan is an abbreviation of Afghan and this festival entered its fourth year, Hashemi said, also mentioning the long history of relations between Australia and Afghanistan. Through such festivals, Afghan filmmakers and artists are encouraged to do more for this industry, said Salam Sangi, an Afghan actor. Two Australian jury members of the festival acknowledged the spirit and resourcefulness of the Afghan participants: These filmmakers have passion and great flare and managed to make some incredible films, Adele Hann, a jury member said. The thing I like the most about Ghan International Film Festival is that the people who have submitted their films don t necessarily have the best education in film, or the best or newest equipment, but still they effectively express themselves through the medium of film with what they have, said Russel Jenkins, a jury. Most of the nominated movies have been made by Afghan filmmakers outside Afghanistan.