Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 28 Jul 2019 15:05 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Gen. Dunford cautiously optimistic about Afghan peace amid Doha talks, positive Islamabad statements -------------------------------------------------- The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Military Gen. Joe Dunford has said higher degree of positive statements are coming out of Islamabad about the Afghan reconciliation process. Text : Gen. Dunford made the remarks during an interaction with a small group of reporters in Baghdad. He said there were several factors coming together that gave reason to believe that there might be a window of opportunity now for inter-Afghan dialogue and reconciliation. There s a higher degree of positive statements coming out of Islamabad about reconciliation than we have seen, Gen. Dunford was quoted as saying by Reuters. Furthermore, Gen. Dunford said There is good momentum in Doha right now with follow-on schedules for inter-Afghan dialogue. He also added that We re all cautiously optimistic, in the sense that Ambassador Khalilzad is now doing something we haven t seen in the entire time that we ve been deployed to Afghanistan.