Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 8 Sep 2018 17:28 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Canada investigates rape allegation against Afghan diplomat's son -------------------------------------------------- Canadian authorities are investigating allegation that son of senior Afghan diplomat in the country sexually abused a Canadian high school student. Text : Earlier this week, Mehdi Arash Yama, son of Afghanistan s acting ambassador in Canada, was reported to be accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in February this year. Canada s CBC News on Friday said that Ottawa police s sexual assault and child abuse unit began investigation in the case. It suggested that since the diplomat s family had been enjoying diplomatic immunity, the Canadian authorities asked for permission from the Afghan government to question the suspect, which was granted. The suspect has obtained a prominent criminal defence lawyer but has yet to be interviewed by police, the broadcaster said. If charges are warranted following the investigation, Canadian authorities would once again request a second waiver from Kabul to make an arrest.