Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 22 Jun 2022 - 14:14 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Muhammad bin Salman traveled to Jordan -------------------------------------------------- The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia arrived in Jordan today on a regional trip after Egypt, where he met with the King. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Reuters, Mohammad bin Salman, after 5 years of strained relations between Saudi Arabia and Jordan, entered Amman and met with King Abdullah II.   A senior Jordanian official told Reuters: "This meeting is an opportunity for a new phase in relations between Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the continuation of new economic projects and investments." The Jordanian economy these days is affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine and the outbreak of the corona.   Bin Salman left for the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Monday for the first leg of his regional tour; the meeting took place before US President Joe Biden s visit to the region next month. The trip to Jordan is the second stop on his regional tour and he is scheduled to travel to Turkey after Amman.   Over the past few decades, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have had close ties that cooperated on security issues and the occupation of Palestinian territory by the Zionist regime, however, their relations have soured.   For Saudi Arabia, Jordan was never fully committed to its political goals. Saudi-Jordanian relations plummeted during the presidency of former US President Donald Trump, when Amman, a staunch ally of Washington, felt that Riyadh s close ties to the Trump administration undermined Jordan s pivotal role in bringing peace to the Arabs and the Zionist regime. Bin Salman s support for Trump s "deal of the century" sidelined Amman, which has traditionally served as a mediator between Israel, Palestine and the rest of the Arab world.