Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 30 Nov 2022 - 9:30 -------------------------------------------------- Title : The Gold Award of India's Products and Handicrafts Exhibition was awarded to Afghanistan -------------------------------------------------- The representatives of Afghanistan were able to win the first place and the golden award in the exhibition of products and handicrafts known as "Little India" which has been held for the past 15 days with the participation of 17 countries including Afghanistan and various states of India. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Embassy of Afghanistan in India announced that Afghan products have won the gold award in the annual trade fair of India, among the states of India and seventeen countries of the world.   According to this embassy, ​​millions of people in India visited this exhibition this year.   The Trade and Development Authority of India organized the annual products and handicrafts fair for the first time after the corona virus pandemic this year.   The Afghan Embassy in New Delhi has published a statement saying that in this exhibition, the products of Indian states and seventeen countries of the world were displayed.   According to the announcement of the Afghan Embassy, ​​this year s grand exhibition was named "Little India" because for the first time after the restrictions of Corona, millions of people from India visited this fifteen-day exhibition.   The officials of the embassy said that this year, in this exhibition, the display and supply of Afghan products was also provided, and Afghan products, including dry fruits, carpets, handicrafts, fresh fruits, semi-precious stones, Afghan sweets and other items were sold by traders. Afghans residing in India were displayed in 22 different booths.   Based on the announcement of the Afghan Embassy, ​​on Sunday of this week, which was the last day of this exhibition, the evaluation committee consisting of a number of Indian university professors, businessmen and media representatives announced the results of their 15-day evaluation of this exhibition.   According to these evaluations, Afghanistan ranked first and won the gold award of this exhibition.   Farid Mamondzi, the ambassador of Afghanistan in India, said that high-quality products have attracted the attention of customers to Afghan products in this exhibition.   He has appreciated India for facilitating the display and introduction of Afghan products in this exhibition.   This Afghan diplomat has emphasized that by using India s agricultural and production facilities, Afghanistan s products will be connected to global markets through India.   Based on the statistics of the Afghan Embassy in New Delhi, Afghanistan has always been present in this exhibition since seventeen years.