Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 13 Aug 2013 12:02 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Across Iraq, from Karachi to Mecca, a campaign for disseminating the Islamic spirit of tolerance -------------------------------------------------- Text : A group of Muslims from Pakistan has set off on a campaign from Karachi Pakistan across Iraq to Mecca Saudi Arabia. The campaign aims at disseminating the real spirit of tolerance, of Islam that the Islamic Divine Message has set forth. The group came across Karbala Province Iraq, and visited the Imam Hussein holy shrine. Kuhirlazadeh, the spokesman of the group consisted of three persons that the three of them had adopted such an initiative in order to disseminate the real spirit of tolerance, love and harmony of Islam. He also mentioned that they took the responsibility in response to those whom distort the reality of Islam that the Prophet (peace be upon him & his pure family) had divinely disseminated. He clarified that the campaign is being achieved on foot, and 63۸۷ km they have walked so far. In addition, the campaign ends in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him & his pure family) and the great history of Islam are from. (ABNA)