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Security Scanners Installed At Kabul Gates

Security officials said they have installed four scanners at entrances to Kabul and will install four others in the near future.
Security Scanners Installed At Kabul Gates

AVA- Kabul security officials on Sunday said from now onward big trucks that enter in the city will be checked by scanners installed at four entry points to the Kabul city.

According to the officials, Kabul has eight official gateways for trucks and other vehicles. At four of these points scanners have been installed. The four remaining entrances will be equipped with improved scanners in the near future.

In total 88 routes connect Kabul to nearby provinces but scanners will be installed at eight entrances to check the trucks and big vehicles that enter the city. Out of the 88 routes, 44 of them are for trucks and vehicles which the security forces do not control.

These entry points include Puli-e-Charkhi, Sang-e-Nabishta, Arghandi, Sar-e-Kotal, Dast Pechari, Gul Bagh, Bot Khak and Tangi Tarakhil though which mostly big vehicles enter Kabul.

Kabul police said the new scanners will play a vital role in decreasing security incidents in the city.

“Eight entry points are under security forces control. We are trying to install scanners in Dast Pechari, Gul Bagh, Bot Khak and Tangi Tarakhil,” Haq Nawaz Haqyar, deputy head of 101st Asmayee Police Zone in Kabul said.

Currently at the Arghani entrance which connects Kabul to Maidan Wardak, Herat, Kandahar and Ghazni provinces, security forces check trucks with the scanners.

According to Kabul police, nearly 1,000 trucks get scanned at the Arghandi gateway daily. Drivers have said they are happy that their trucks get checked by the scanner.

“These gateways are very good. Before this it was possible that things like drugs and weapon could pass the gates undetected, but now the trucks get checked by scanners and it figures out what is loaded in the vehicles,” Noor Ahmad, a driver said.

“Before this when the security forces got suspicious about the loads of truck, they had to physically check and the trucks that are 20 meters long. Now they check with the machine and it is easy,” Najibullah, another driver said.

A number of truck drivers have however complained over what they claim officials at security check-posts take money from them when they want to cross the posts. Insecurity is another problem that they are facing.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Monday 7 August 2017 10:36
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