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A Commerce Chamber member:

Pakistan imposes millions dollars damage to Afghan businessmen

A member of the Afghanistan Commerce Chamber and Industry said over last year Pakistan violated its commitments when created lots of transit problems and entered millions of dollars damages for Afghan national businessmen.
Pakistan imposes millions dollars damage to Afghan businessmen
He emphasized if we take a short look at the Afghanistan government economical achievements, we will find out they have suffered from shortage of factories, Industrial products and skilled human resources and compounded with the inflation. Some experts believe after many years having passed from the central government coming to power in Afghanistan, yet our economy is dependent on foreign countries aid. If fundamental and basic work is not done in this regard after 2014 when the foreign countries monetary help to is cut off, this country's economy will face many problems.
Mohammad Hussain Mehram, the economic affairs expert and member of the Afghanistan Commerce Chamber told Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) although the growth of our economy dependents to the international aids, comparing to last year it shows 10 percent increase. He added Afghanistan over the past ten years has had significant growth in economic fields and in accordance with national and international statistics, every year Afghanistan has ten percent growth. According to Mohammad Hussain Mahram in last year investments, small exploitation of mines, agricultural development, implementation of development projects in different provinces, policy making for business growth and investment and the Europe's chamber of commerce officials meeting from Afghanistan as an important factor in the growth of the economy were the important achievements of Afghanistan economy. He added economic growth of country dependents on international trade, but unfortunately landlocked country of Afghanistan has 70 percent of import from Pakistan, a country has never wanted to see a developed Afghanistan. Pakistan has been an obstacle to Afghanistan trade.
Lack of factories and the government attention as well as rapid increase in population of Afghanistan, returning of Afghan refugees and the foreign illegal workers are the reasons of the Afghanistan economic problems.

Monday 26 March 2012 15:13
Story Code: 38527
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), The Economic Service
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