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Zionist regime spying on Iran from US air base in Afghanistan

Iranian, Russian news agencies report Zionist forces operating out of U.S. Air Force base some 75 miles from Iranian border.
Zionist regime spying on Iran from US air base in Afghanistan
AVA- Media outlets in Afghanistan and Iran have reported that Zionist forces were carrying out intelligence activity and intelligence collection near Afghanistan’s border with Iran.
Iran’s Tasnim news agency and the Russian news agency Sputnik’s Urdu language website quoted Zionist expert Semyon Tsipis on Saturday as saying Zionist forces were operating out of a U.S. Air Force base in Shindand in western Afghanistan, some 120 kilometers (75 miles) from the Iranian border.
“Of course, the proximity to an enemy state is the principle reason for carrying out such an operation and also provides legitimacy. But beyond that, another objective of the mission is to acquire experience in combat in the local ground conditions and activity against the local population,” Tsipis said, according to the reports.
Tsipis reportedly claimed that the Zionist activity was being carried out with the knowledge and approval of the Afghan government, despite the fact that he said the Zionists were operating inside the country within the framework of the U.S. forces stationed there and as a result, did not need Afghan approval for the mission.
Two months ago, 14 Afghan soldiers were killed when Taliban forces carried out a terrorist attack on a military base in the Shindand region. According to local reports that corroborated the Taliban’s claims, the attackers took some 20 soldiers hostage before the military was able to regain control of the base.

Sunday 10 February 2019 20:36
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