Publish dateSaturday 9 November 2019 - 00:21
Story Code : 195120
Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Will Be Part of Upcoming Lebanese Government
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that Lebanon is in need of a real workshop to improve the various conditions, adding that the public protests have caused major changes in the country.
Sheikh Qassem emphasized that Hezbollah will be part of the new government because it represents a major segment of the Lebanese people, adding that the party will always address the socioeconomic needs of the people.
On October 17, dozens of thousands of protesters took to streets in rejection of the government’s tax policy; however, the demonstrations were utilized by certain forces for political aims.
In this context, bandits blocked key highways in various Lebanese cities and towns, hampering the citizens’ daily life activity.
Prime Minister Saad Hariri submitted his government’s resignation to President Michel Aoun on October 29, leaving a political stalemate as parties started mulling a very complicated cabinet creation.
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