Publish dateThursday 21 January 2021 - 13:57
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Decades of war and violence have significantly impacted every aspect of life in Afghanistan.
Afghan voice agency (AVA)_However, cultural traditions have been maintained and Afghans have kept alive the practice of various arts, both to express the voice of the people for peace and as a means of ##self-therapy.

TOLOnews reporter Tamim Hamid talked to two young Afghans engaged in the arts.

Sami Faqiri is a calligrapher and artist who teaches his profession to students in an art center.

“We ask them to draw colorful birds, to include nature and Afghanistan’s cultural and ##historical_monuments. In this way we want to help them focus on a beautiful idea or painting,” said Sami Faqiri, a calligrapher and artist.

Zubair Ahmad, 18, is a 12th-grade student and says it is his dream to practice calligraphy professionally.

“An artist or a calligrapher needs security to work in a peaceful manner,” said Zubair Ahmad.

“I don’t like to paint killings and other things like that, I love to paint nature,” said Mahboba, a student.

Dunya, 9, is also learning to paint.

“I want to be a good calligrapher and artist, I want to write for others, we need peace,” said Dunya.

Every day, in the major cities of the country, especially in Kabul, you come across paintings and messages on the city walls that reflect the war and violence in the country.

Educators hope that a young generation of painters and ##calligraphers will be able to express their vision in the future through these mediums.
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