Publish dateWednesday 15 June 2022 - 10:42
Story Code : 254284
Ukrainian extremists kill 30 Ukrainian soldiers
A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman has claimed that as Ukrainian troops advance into Ukraine, extremist Ukrainian nationalists have killed 32 Russian soldiers who were about to surrender.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, said in a daily press conference to explain the details of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine: "The heavy losses of the Ukrainian army as a result of the Russian special operation continue."
"We must emphasize that in recent weeks, extremist nationalist shootings of Ukrainian military personnel have escalated tensions in the conflict zones," he said.
More than 30 Ukrainian troops have decided to put down their arms and surrender after Russian troops announced their readiness to advance near a town in Donetsk province.
According to this, the Ukrainian military moved towards the positions of the Russian forces at 10 pm local time with white flags in their hands.
At the same time, a group of Ukrainian extremist nationalists in armored vehicles opened fire on the soldiers who were about to surrender, killing 32 of them.
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