Publish dateWednesday 15 June 2022 - 13:28
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The possibility of Russia recognizing the Islamic Emirate got stronger
Russia's special envoy to Afghanistan has said that his country is not following the West in recognizing the current government in Afghanistan, adding that it may recognize the government of the Islamic Emirate. He stated that the conditions of this important matter have already been announced to the officials of the Islamic Emirate by the President and Foreign Minister of Russia.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Zamir Kabulov, Russia's special envoy to Afghanistan, said: "We may recognize the Taliban interim government in Afghanistan and send grain to this country to prevent a famine crisis."
"There is a possibility of recognizing the Taliban, and the conditions for this action have been announced by the president and the foreign minister," he added.
Russia's special envoy to Afghanistan stressed that Moscow will not follow the decision of the West and other countries in recognizing the Islamic Emirate.
Kabulov added that the Taliban interim government was willing to cooperate with Moscow in accordance with internationally accepted laws.
Announcing the visit of the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Islamic Emirate to Moscow, he said: "Afghanistan wants to buy some Russian goods and Russian President Vladimir Putin has also given permission to store grain for this country."
This statement comes at a time when no country has yet recognized the Islamic Emirate following the recent developments in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of foreign troops after 20 years and the collapse of the pro-Western government.
Pakistan is one of the countries that has tried to persuade the world to cooperate with the Taliban, and has said that the international community should work with the group to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and prevent a crisis.
Pakistani Foreign Minister Blaul Bhutto Zardari, who traveled to Tehran at the invitation of his Iranian counterpart, spoke about the developments in Afghanistan: "We talked about various conditions, especially the fragility of the situation in Afghanistan. We are concerned about stability and security in Afghanistan. We have hosted millions of displaced people for four decades, and we benefit from the establishment of peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan.
The senior Pakistani diplomat stressed: "At this critical time, we must support this nation and demand the release of their blocked resources." The Afghan governing body must also move towards more inclusiveness and take serious steps in the fight against terrorism.
On the other hand, Iran has stated the need to form an inclusive government as a condition for recognizing the Taliban.
Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian has also said that we emphasize the formation of an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan, and in addition to maintaining the necessary relations with the interim governing body of Afghanistan, the Taliban, due to a common border and neighborhood. We are pursuing ourselves with everyone around Afghanistan and we have told the interim governing body of Afghanistan that forming an inclusive government is the way out of the challenges in Afghanistan. We hope that Afghanistan will be on the path of peace, tranquility and stability.
The formation of an inclusive government and respect for human rights are among the conditions set by various countries around the world for the recognition of the Taliban interim government.
However, in the first government of the Islamic Emirate, which was formed in Afghanistan 20 years ago, only 3 countries, including the UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, recognized them and other countries did not follow the same action.
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