Publish dateFriday 12 August 2022 - 11:14
Story Code : 257017
3757 suspected cases of cholera in Takhar
Directorate of Public Health of Takhar reports the registration of 3757 cases of cholera-like diarrhea in Ashkemesh and Bangi districts of this province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Abdul Qahar Ahmadi; The head of Public Health of Takhar told Ava today, Thursday 20 Asad: Since 12 days, there have been cases of acute and watery diarrhea in Ashkemesh and Bengi districts, which is similar to cholera. But cholera has not been established yet.
According to him, so far 2,190 cases of diarrhea have been registered in Ishkemesh, 1,566 cases of diarrhea in Bengi district and one case in Taleghan city.
Ahmadi added that most of the people affected by this type of diarrhea are children and people over 50 years old.
The head of public health of Takhar attributed the prevalence of diarrhea in these two districts to the lack of healthy drinking water and polluted environment.
According to him, by sending mobile teams to Eshkemesh and Bengi districts and providing services, the incidents of diarrhea have decreased.
This is despite the fact that earlier, the health authorities of Kunduz in the vicinity of Takhar and Jawzjan and Samangan provinces in the north of the country had announced the outbreak of cholera.
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