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The American invaders were expelled from the country with humiliation and disgrace
In the first celebration of the anniversary of Afghanistan's independence and the one year anniversary of the expulsion of the American troops from the country, the Minister of Culture and Social Affairs of Kabul Municipality says that the American occupation forces were expelled from the country by the Afghans with great humiliation and scandal.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Yesterday, Tuesday (August 30, 2022), a party titled "The First Celebration of the Anniversary of Afghanistan's Independence" was held by the Kabul Municipality with the presence of officials of the Islamic Emirate, educators, athletes and dozens of people. It was held in Chehelston garden in Kabul.
Habib Rahman Mansour; Culture and Social Minister of Kabul Municipality said: American invaders were expelled from the country by Afghans with great humiliation and disgrace.
He stated that more than 44 countries attacked Afghanistan and bombed schools, mosques and schools. But the people of Afghanistan united together and expelled these infidels from Afghanistan.
The Culture and Social Affairs Minister of Kabul Municipality added: The leaders of the Islamic Emirate were able to expel the invaders from the country with the best management, and when the Americans attacked Afghanistan, they thought that they were permanent. But this goal was not achieved.
He clarified that there is no ethnocentrism, linguist and prejudice in the government of the Islamic Emirate and this system serves the people of Afghanistan.
On the other hand, Mawlavi Shah Mohammad; the religious scholar said: The former Soviet Union wanted to occupy the country; but the people of Afghanistan expelled them by trusting God.
He stated that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate should not be arrogant, because arrogance causes destruction.
Pointing out that there are rumors that America will return to Afghanistan, this religious scholar said: If America wants to occupy our country again, we will fight against them again.
Mohammad Khan; One of the participants in the Independence Day celebration said: We are happy that after twenty years our country got rid of the occupation.
He stated that now the country has been freed from the occupation of foreigners and it is time for Afghanistan to be settled by the Islamic Emirate and its citizens.
This independence celebration was accompanied by the performance of various athletes and poets also presented poems describing freedom and independence.
It should be noted that one year ago on August 30, the last American soldier left Afghanistan and the country was freed from the presence of foreigners after about 20 years.
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