Publish dateThursday 2 March 2023 - 15:36
Story Code : 266354
190 Criminals Arrested in Nangarhar
190 criminals were arrested by police in a month, the Nangarhar police sharing a report with the media said.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, The deputy police chief of the province, Mawlavi Muhammad Tahir, said last month people the police arrested these criminals on charges of murder, robbery, and many other crimes.

He said many different types of weapons were recovered from the detainees by police. In 3 different operations the counter-terrorism management center and districts, 25 weapons, 4 landmines also recovered he added.

He said two others accused of disrupting security arrested by police. Among the detainees, 45 arrested on charges of dealing drugs, heroin, alcohol beverage, and hashish, recovered from the detainees by the counter-narcotic police, he said.
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