Publish dateSaturday 18 March 2023 - 14:38
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Experts: Registering mobile phones reduces crimes
Security experts say that the registration of mobile phones by the government helps to reduce criminal crimes, because the lack of registration of mobile phones has caused thieves to steal without fear, even in some cases, thieves kill the owner for a phone.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The Ministry of Interior has said that mobile phone sellers are required to register the customer's details and phone number (IMA) in a special form.
The ministry added that this decision was made in a meeting with the mobile phone sellers' union for security and crime prevention.
Samiullah Naderi, a security expert, said in an interview with AVA that mobile phone registration by the government helps in reducing criminal crimes, because the lack of phone registration has caused thieves to steal citizen’s phones without fear.
According to his statements, registering mobile phones not only prevents mobile phone theft, but also helps a lot in tracking down terrorists.
He said: In order to prevent crimes and identify terrorists, it is necessary for government officials to ban the sale of unregistered phones in the country.
This security expert noted that the creation of a system for registering lost or stolen phones will help the security forces to track and find them easily.
Meanwhile, Qayum Ahmadi, a resident of the third district of Kabul city, also said in an interview with AVA that registering mobile phones is a good mechanism to prevent the theft of these devices and track criminals.
He added that the registration of mobile phones has been very useful in tracking in all countries, especially in Iran, Pakistan, India and Central Asian countries in order to prevent crimes.
Ahmadi added that with the implementation of mobile phone registration, stolen phones cannot be used inside Afghanistan and stealing these devices will not be profitable for thieves.
It should be remembered that not registering mobile phones has been a booming business for thieves.
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