Publish dateWednesday 29 March 2023 - 13:47
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The request of Islamic Jihad to arm the Palestinians in the West Bank
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement proposed arming the residents of the West Bank to counter the plan of the Zionist security minister to arm the settlers.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Last week, the Islamic Jihad movement presented to the representatives of other Palestinian resistance groups the plan to arm all Palestinians in opposition to the plan of "Itmar Ben Guer" of the Minister of Internal Security of the Zionist regime regarding the arming of the settlers.
According to this report, Islamic Jihad has emphasized by providing security and intelligence reports that the arming of the settlers around the West Bank has actually started and includes equipping all the settlers with individual and automatic weapons and large amounts of ammunition, in addition to developing a training program for these militants.
This Palestinian movement said that the only answer to the arming of the settlers and gangs affiliated with Ben Guer is the plan to arm the Palestinian nation and distribute weapons to all those who can carry weapons and defend themselves. Islamic Jihad presented such a plan last year.
Islamic Jihad has again presented its old proposal, according to which it is possible to provide firearms to any Palestinian who can carry a weapon in the West Bank.
At the end of this report, it is stated that the groups present in the said meeting did not give a definitive answer to this proposal, but the two resistance groups whose names were not mentioned promised to investigate it quickly and some of the people present in the meeting about the political and financial costs of such an option.
The conditions these days in the occupied territories, especially in the West Bank, are very special, and the Palestinian fighters are responding to the countless crimes of the Zionists by any means, and this has created special conditions for the usurping Zionists.
Before this, the Zionists only fought with the Palestinians in the south of the occupied territories and in the Gaza region, but now the West Bank in the east of Palestine has become a hiding place for the cowardly Zionists due to the fact that its youth are armed, and it has deprived them of a good night's sleep.
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