Publish dateMonday 1 May 2023 - 10:54
Story Code : 269246
Israeli soldiers arrested a leader of Islamic Jihad/ intense conflict between resistance forces and the invaders
News sources reported the brutal attack of the Zionists on the West Bank and the widespread arrest of Palestinian citizens, including a leader of the Islamic Jihad movement.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Sama news agency, the Zionist occupying forces carried out mass arrests in various areas of the West Bank this morning.
Local sources announced that the Zionist army attacked the city of Tulkarm in the north of the West Bank with military vehicles and fierce clashes took place between the resistance forces and the invaders.
In this attack, the occupation forces arrested Arif Marwan Shahab, a young Palestinian in the "Noor Shams" camp located in the east of Tulkarem.
At the same time as the Zionist attack, the voice of Allahu Akbar resounded from the mosques of the Nurshams camp and the Palestinian citizens were asked to confront the Zionist occupying forces.
The rapid reaction group "Tulkarm Battalion" asked the Palestinians not to stay in the streets and to go to the Nurshams camp and its nearby areas and confront the Zionists.
Saraya al-Quds group affiliated with Tulkarm Battalion also announced that it had an armed conflict with the Zionists and confronted them.
According to this report, the Zionist occupying forces also raided the village of "Qaryut" located in the south of Nablus in the West Bank and arrested a large number of Palestinians.
It is said that Naser Badawi and his son Ahmad, Nizam Yusuf and his son Karam, Wadah Nasuh and his son Nasuh, Abdul Latif Salham, Mohammad Al-Sheikh Musa and Amjad Bakr were arrested in this raid.
Azadeh's prisoner was arrested again in the "Tomoun" area, located in the south of Tubas, Samer Sobhi Bani Oudeh.
In the city of Hebron, two Palestinian youths, Anas Hatem Qafisheh and Omar Abu Asnaina, were arrested.
In the "Al-Zubabadeh" area, located in the south of Jenin, the Zionist occupying forces also raided the house of Mahdi Al-Sharqawi, one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement, and arrested him.
There was a fierce armed conflict between the resistance forces and the Zionist occupation forces in the Al-Zababadeh area, but no accurate statistics on casualties have been reported so far.
In "Bab Al-Zaqaq" area located in Bethlehem city, a Palestinian youth was wounded by Zionist bullets.
The conditions of the occupied territories these days, especially in the West Bank, are very special, and the Palestinian fighters respond to the countless crimes of the Zionists by any means, and this has created special conditions for the usurping Zionists.
Before this, the Zionists were only involved with the Palestinians in the south of the occupied territories and in the Gaza region, but now the West Bank in the east of Palestine has become a hideout for the Zionists due to the armed youth.
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