Publish dateThursday 11 May 2023 - 10:45
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NATO establishes a liaison office in Japan
The Foreign Minister of Japan announced the consultations to open a liaison office between the country and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a move that will provoke a strong reaction from China.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In an interview with CNN, Japan's Foreign Minister announced Tokyo's consultations with NATO to open a NATO liaison office in this country. The first of its kind in this part of the Asian continent.
The foreign minister of Japan has called Russia's attack on Ukraine as an excuse for such a decision and claimed: since Russia's attack on Ukraine, the world has become a more unstable place.
"Yoshimasa Hayashi" added: "We are currently consulting, but the details have not been finalized yet."
According to CNN, Hayashi specifically pointed to Russia's attack on Ukraine last year, which, in Tokyo's view, has consequences far beyond the borders of Europe and has caused Japan to reconsider its regional security.
In this exclusive interview, he claimed, "The events that happen in Eastern Europe are not limited to Eastern Europe and directly affect the situation here in the Pacific Ocean. That is why the cooperation between us in East Asia and NATO is becoming increasingly important.
He emphasized that Japan is not a member of NATO, but this action sends the message that the partners of this bloc in East Asia deal with and cooperate with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in a continuous manner.
CNN goes on to say that the opening of the NATO office in Japan will be a very important development in the conditions of deep geopolitical faults in the international system, which will probably result in severe criticism from China. Beijing has already strongly warned against such decisions.
NATO has already established such liaison offices in countries such as Ukraine and Austria, but the opening of such an office in Japan will open the way for negotiations with countries such as South Korea, New Zealand and Australia to deal with global challenges.
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