Publish dateWednesday 24 May 2023 - 09:47
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Goods worth 1.2 billion dollars have been exported to Pakistan
Officials in the Ministry of Industry and Trade have announced the increase in the country's exports to Pakistan. They say that Afghanistan exported goods worth 1.2 billion dollars to this country last year.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Acting Minister of Industry and Trade Nooruddin Azizi said in an interview with TOLO News that for the first time in the last twenty years, last year we were able to export more goods to Pakistan than expected.
Mr. Azizi added that Afghanistan's exports have never exceeded 400 million dollars; But last year, for the first time, this figure increased to 1.2 billion dollars.
He clarified that most of Afghanistan's exports to Pakistan are dry and fresh fruits as well as minerals.
Azizi also mentioned that during his trips to Russia, Pakistan and Iran, he tried to develop trade.
Based on his statements; The public discussions that have taken place on the sidelines are due to the connecting point between the north and the south, which will bring Afghanistan to the long-standing dream of Afghans.
Meanwhile, Abdul Salam Akhundzada Javad, the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, told AVA reporter that last year we had nearly 2.5 billion dollars in trade deals with Pakistan.
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Trade clarified that although Afghanistan has reduced the import of goods from Pakistan; but it has made more against its exports to this country.
Javad added that last year we exported 1 billion 225 million dollars’ worth of goods to Pakistan and imported 1 billion 164 million dollars from this country.
Javad said that the reason for the decrease in Pakistan's exports was Afghanistan's achievement of self-sufficiency in the production of some items, as well as Pakistan's economic stagnation, and added that this had a negative impact on the amount of Pakistan's trade.
He clarified that Afghanistan's export items to Pakistan include black pine nuts, tomatoes, onions, coal and cotton, and Afghanistan also imports rice, cement, medicine, potatoes and some other items from Pakistan.
Meanwhile, Khanjan Alokozay, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says that the business activity of Afghan businessmen with Pakistan is decreasing day by day due to the collapse of the Kaldar.
Based on Alokozay's statements; The amount of Pakistan's exports to Afghanistan reached nearly three billion dollars, which has now decreased significantly.
This is while in recent months, Pakistan has faced an economic recession and the value of the country's rupee against the US dollar has decreased in an unprecedented way.
Currently, Pakistan is facing inflation of more than 31% and this issue has made the citizens of this country face serious economic challenges.
At the same time, some experts on economic issues say that the economic crisis in Pakistan, in addition to facing problems for Afghan immigrants living in Pakistan, also has negative effects on the economy of people inside Afghanistan.
Zalmi Azimi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, says that Pakistan is in an economic crisis and this has caused a decrease in the country's exports to Afghanistan.
Referring to the increase in prices in Pakistan's markets, he added that the price of gas and oil has even tripled and the fact is that Afghanistan is also facing problems due to Pakistan's economic crisis.
Abdul Nasir Rashtia, an expert on economic issues, also told Ava reporter that Pakistan is one of Afghanistan's trading partners, most of our export items are concentrated with Pakistan. If there is an economic crisis in Pakistan, and people's purchasing power is low, we cannot export in that country."
Pakistan is one of Afghanistan's biggest trading partners, most of Afghanistan's goods are traditionally sold in Pakistan's markets, and Pakistan also exports its trade and transit goods from Afghanistan to other countries.
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