Publish dateSaturday 27 May 2023 - 13:57
Story Code : 270740
Protests of the people of Nigeria condemning the destruction of Shia
Nigerians came to the streets to protest against the destruction of Shia's property by the Buhari administration.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): supporters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria came to the streets in Bauchi on Friday and chanted against the governorship of Kaduna state affiliated to the Buhari government and also condemned the widespread destruction of property of the Shiite people living in the state.
According to Iran Press, Nigerian demonstrators described the action of the forces affiliated with the Buhari government in Kaduna state as a terrorist act and demanded to punish them for destroying Shiite property in Kaduna state.
It is necessary to mention; the governor of Kaduna state of Nigeria recently destroyed public and personal property of members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria and supporters of this movement in various areas of Kaduna.
Forces attached to Kaduna state governor destroyed hospitals, schools and residential buildings in different parts of the state.
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