Publish dateMonday 29 May 2023 - 12:52
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Tajikistan built two new checkpoints on the Afghan border
At the same time as the National Day of Border Guards in Tajikistan, President Emomali Rahman opened two new checkpoints in the town of Tus, Khatlan Province, near the Afghan border.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Presidency of Tajikistan stated in an announcement that two new checkpoints have been built in the city of Tus, Khatlan province of this country, near the Afghan border. These checkpoints have been established at the same time as the 29th anniversary of the formation of the border forces of Tajikistan.
Imam Ali Rahman, President of Tajikistan, on Sunday, May 28, opened two new border checkpoints in Shahritos district of Khatlan province, near the country's border with Afghanistan. While noting the increase in risks and threats, he emphasized the need for professional vigilance, political acumen and honest service of the border soldiers of Tajikistan.
In a report published on the website of the Presidency of Tajikistan, it is stated that Emomali Rahman, on May 28, which is called Border Guard Day in Tajikistan, spoke about the special attention of the government of this country to strengthening these forces and promised border battalions in the districts and departments to strengthen various districts of Tajikistan, including Kharog, Shoghnan, Roshan, Darvaza Vanji, Badakhshan Autonomous Region, Shamsuddin Shahin District, Farkhar, Jihun and Khatlan. All these areas border with Afghanistan.
In recent months, several cases of clashes between Tajik border guards and drug smugglers have been reported. Tajik border guards have so far discovered and seized several drug shipments on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
Referring to the threats, the President of Tajikistan added that the protection of Tajikistan's borders is a priority and the training centers of the border forces should do their best to attract more troops.
Emomali Rahman, who was speaking in the presence of hundreds of soldiers and border guards officers, said that only on Sunday, 33 new facilities, including military tools and modern technical equipment, were provided to four thousand border guards, and the equipment of these forces is being updated every day.
Emomali Rahman also presented equipped houses to 166 families of border guards of Tajikistan and said that these forces are the focus of his government's attention.
One of the border posts that Imam Ali Rahman inaugurated on Sunday is located in Ivoj district of Shahritos district. This checkpoint is equipped with monitoring and control equipment for the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
Emomali Rahman opened another police station in the district of Jajat. Simultaneously with the presence of the President of Tajikistan to open these checkpoints, the military equipment of these checkpoints, including military vehicles, observation equipment, and light and heavy weapons, which are located in these checkpoints, were displayed.
The president of Tajikistan said: "The activities of these checkpoints are focused on fighting border violations, preventing the entry of terrorist groups and drug traffickers."
Expressing concern about the threats arising from Afghanistan is the common position of the Central Asian countries, which is accompanied by the rejection of the claims by the Islamic Emirate government.
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