Publish dateFriday 2 June 2023 - 12:46
Story Code : 271090
Trump admits to keeping secret documents about Iran
Trump confirmed in an audio file that the Pentagon is keeping classified documents about Iran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): CNN wrote in a report: Several informed sources told CNN that federal prosecutors have obtained an audio file from the summer of 2021 in which former US President Donald Trump confirms some documents. The Pentagon has confidential information related to a "potential attack" on Iran.
According to Iran Press, this report adds: According to people who were aware of this issue, this audio file shows that Trump was aware that he still had classified documents after he left the White House. Two of the people said that in the file, Trump's words made it appear that he was willing to share the information but was aware of the post-presidential terms of disclosing classified documents. One of the informed sources said that the part related to Iran in this audio file is about two minutes, and another person who is aware of the content of this file said that the discussion about Iran is a small part of a long meeting.
According to CNN, Jack Smith, the attorney in charge of the Justice Department's investigation into Trump, is focusing on the meeting as part of a criminal investigation into Trump's handling of classified national security information. Some informed sources say that this audio file can be used as evidence in a case against Trump, who has repeatedly asserted that he can keep presidential documents with him and disclose them.
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