Publish dateThursday 8 June 2023 - 08:39
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Repeated defeats of the Israeli army in the past two years
The Israeli media admitted that the regime's army has experienced many defeats in the past two years.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Zionist newspaper "Haaretz" published a report about the death of 3 Zionist soldiers on the border with Egypt.
According to a report by Tasnim "Amos Harel", the author of the Zionist newspaper Ha'aretz wrote that the Southern Command of the Israeli Army and the regional bloc (unit) have started an investigation into the circumstances of the accident. Officers who spoke to Haaretz newspaper admitted that the incident caused the Israeli army to be under surveillance and that there are many problems in the work of the Israeli military.
In the continuation of this report, it is stated: Among the first questions that were asked and will be investigated now: the manner of deployment of the troops and it is a fact that several hours passed after the death of the two soldiers until the relevant departments were alerted. It is not known why there was no frequent inspection to contact patrols and security posts. Security measures are very weak; because the Egyptian soldier passed through the gate, he would not have been properly protected.
He further emphasized: Surveillance points and cameras at the borders should be increased. Decision making during the chase is very poor; because if the troops were attacked, the Egyptian military, despite the superior number of soldiers and even the use of surveillance drones, managed to kill one soldier.
According to this report, at first glance, it seems that there is a connection between this incident and many other serious incidents in the Israeli army in the past two years. Including the killing of the assistant commander Kandak in the "Nahal" brigade, when he was chasing the armed Palestinians near the border fence in the north of Jenin. Another Israeli soldier from Kandak "Kaffir" was killed by shooting, one of his compatriots was Samit at the line of contact between Israel and the West Bank. An officer from another block accidentally shot and killed two of the block commanders in an educational area in the West Bank.
This Zionist author wrote in the end that despite all the damage caused by the Bloc Egoz accident, the High Command of the Army missed the opportunity for real change in this military organization. The people responsible for the incidents were dealt with in a friendly manner. Just as Commander Egoz was not fired at that time, he was fired a few months later, after it was proven that he had lied. After that, the in-depth review of behavioral standards in different units of the Israeli army did not require any changes.
The anti-Zionist operation "Mohammed Salah", a young Egyptian, who was occupied a few days ago on the border of Egypt and Palestine, 3 Zionist soldiers will be killed. The incidents that started at the beginning of this year have spread.
Recently, the Chief of Staff of the Zionist Army, Herzi Halevi, announced that the operation carried out by Egyptian soldier Muhammad Salah last Saturday morning, in which 3 Israeli soldiers were killed and several others injured, was a very difficult and painful operation for the army.
According to the Zionist media, the operation carried out by the Egyptian youth has unbearable consequences, leading Israeli security experts and analysts to demand an investigation and find out the reason for this terrible defeat of the army. With their performance and readiness, there is a military organization.
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