Publish dateFriday 9 June 2023 - 11:48
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Russia seeks to establish a multipolar world order in the new doctrine of foreign policy/emphasizing the establishment of an independent and stable government in Afghanistan
In the latest interview with the media, the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan has emphasized, referring to the country's new foreign policy doctrine, that helping to establish a multipolar world order has been identified as a marginal goal for all Russian foreign policy paths. Helping to build Afghanistan as a country with an independent, peaceful and neutral government with a stable economy and political system that provides the interests of all ethnic groups is also part of Russia's new foreign policy doctrine.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Dmitri Zhirnov said in this interview: The new Russian foreign policy doctrine was approved in March of this year. The initiative to consolidate the important role of the plan in foreign policy in this doctrine has been taken by Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to create a great partnership in Eurasia, which should be open to all Eurasian governments and alliances.
He added: the plurality of poles for joint cooperation, the independence of governments with equal rights, securing the right of governments to choose development models and defending the cultural and civil diversity of the world are among the principles of Russia. Aiding and abetting the establishment of a multi-polar world order has been identified as a marginal goal for all foreign policy paths.
According to the Russian ambassador in Afghanistan, the new doctrine of Russian foreign policy specifically mentions the need to ensure legitimacy in international relations. The progressive development of international law must take into account the realities of today's world.
He clarified: Absolute non-acceptance of neo-colonial practices and experiences, as well as supremacy from any side, has been proven in Russia's foreign policy doctrine. A special reminder of the Muslim-friendly world is called in this document to emphasize the growing role of the Islamic world and the special nature of Russia's relations with the Islamic world. South and East governments have been invited to play their decisive role in the development of the world economy and the creation of a more just and democratic world order.
According to the ambassador of Russia in Afghanistan, according to the document of the foreign policy doctor of this country, solving the situation in Afghanistan, helping to establish a country as an independent, peace-loving, neutral government, with a stable and stable economic and political system that responds to the interests of all Ethnic groups living in Afghanistan are among the cases that provide prospects for the convergence of this country with the space of cooperation in Eurasia.
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