Publish dateSunday 2 July 2023 - 08:47
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WFP: After October, there is no money for food aid to the people of Afghanistan
The head of the World Food Program in Afghanistan has said that the money donated to provide food for the people of Afghanistan will run out by the end of October, and after that, the financial resources for aid have not yet been provided.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hsiao Wei Li, head of the World Food Program in Afghanistan, told Reuters: "There are five million people we can help for a few more months, but after that we will not have the resources." I think this shows the urgency of our situation."
Based on the World Food Program's estimates, from the current budget and financial aid promised by donor countries in the coming months, the reduction in food aid will start in August, decrease further in September and stop in October.
The United Nations has previously been forced to cut funding for its humanitarian aid program as donors backed away. International officials say the reduction in aid is partly due to global crises and pressure on government budgets, and restrictions on women are also in question.
According to the report of the World Food Program, about 15 million Afghans are at risk of food shortage and need help.
Lee added that the World Food Program needs one billion dollars to provide food aid and implement planned projects from now until March.
He added that the World Food Program will remain in Afghanistan and do its other work, such as nutrition projects, even if there is a reduction in financial aid.
Lee said donor countries are concerned about restrictions on women, but added that about half of WFP's beneficiaries are women and girls, and the organization can still address women.
He added that the establishment of food for the harsh winter of the country should be completed by October and more than 100 million dollars are needed to do it. The communication routes in the mountainous parts of Afghanistan are cut off in winter due to snowfall.
"Our field staff are constantly discussing why this aid should be reduced," Lee explained.
He pointed out: "For someone who has a hungry child, it is really hard to understand why his hungry child is not selected for help, but maybe the hungry child of another family is hungrier."
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