Publish dateSunday 9 July 2023 - 13:00
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Pakistan praised the actions of the Islamic Emirate to deal with cross-border terrorism
Pakistan's special representative for Afghanistan has said that his country welcomes the actions of the Islamic Emirate to effectively deal with cross-border terrorism.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In an interview with the Voice of America on Saturday, Asif Ali Khan Durrani said that the Islamic Emirate has recently taken certain measures to address the concerns of cross-border terrorism in Pakistan and other neighboring countries, including China, but added that it is too early to draw final conclusions.
Pakistani authorities have always claimed that after the Islamic Emirate regained control of Afghanistan, Pakistan has seen a significant increase in terrorist attacks.
Islamabad believes that these attacks are planned by the leaders and fighters of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, which it says are based in Afghanistan.
But the Islamic Emirate has always emphasized that it does not allow Afghanistan's soil to be used against any country.
Durrani said in response to the transfer of Pakistani immigrants from the border provinces to other parts of Afghanistan: "This is a serious issue. But measures have been taken to neutralize the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban. "We also have to understand that this will take time, but the process has begun."
Durrani said: "This is a measure taken by the Afghan government, so we have to wait and see the results. "It's in the early stages, so it's too early to comment."
Pakistan's Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs added: "But if this transfer of TTP really happens and leads to peace across our borders, it will be an important development and we will welcome it."
He said Islamabad, at the request of the Islamic Emirate, had started talks with fugitive leaders of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan to persuade them to stop violence, but the process failed last year due to the group's "ridiculous" demands.
The government of Pakistan and the TTP agreed to a limited ceasefire through the mediation of the Islamic Emirate in 2022, but in November of the same year, Tehreek-e-Taliban attacks resumed in Pakistan.
Durrani said: "Pakistan has exhausted the dialogue option; The only way left for them (Pakistan Taliban) is to surrender and face the law." He added that Pakistan's military operation has deprived Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan of any territorial control and their transfer from the border areas shows that now they have become a "bardosh" for the Islamic Emirate.
"Comparatively, Afghanistan is very peaceful right now, but there are factions of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and other groups there that are a cause for concern," said Pakistan's Special Representative. "Both Pakistan and China hope that the Afghan government will take practical measures."
Durrani emphasized once again that the continuous dialogue and interaction of the international community with the Islamic Emirate is the only way to strengthen the positive trends and address the challenges in Afghanistan.
"Staying away or not engaging with the Taliban (Islamic Emirate), who are now in power in Kabul, will not help," he said. "There is this understanding, and that is why the president of the United States and others have praised some of the actions of the Taliban, including the destruction of the poppy."
Durrani added: "It is hoped that other pending issues such as the formation of an inclusive government, girls' education or women's employment will also be resolved amicably."
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