Publish dateMonday 28 August 2023 - 15:25
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Russia: There is no boss in BRICS and everyone is equal
The permanent representative of Russia in international organizations, comparing the BRICS group with Western organizations and examples, said that there is no domestic or foreign leader in BRICS and all members of this group are equal.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Mikhail Ulyanov", the permanent representative of Russia in international organizations based in Vienna, Austria, in a message on the social network "X" (former Twitter) compared the BRICS group with Western alliances and groups such as the Group of Seven.
This Russian diplomat wrote: What is the main difference between Western institutions (Group of Seven, NATO, European Union, etc.) on the one hand and BRICS on the other hand? There is no boss in BRICS, domestic or foreign. All members of this group are equal. Can you say the same about western institutions?
In a similar comparison, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the difference between BRICS and the Group of Seven or other Western-oriented alliances is that they all look at the United States.
The senior Russian diplomat also told the "Russia-1" channel that BRICS leaders deal with real issues, while Western politicians and journalists are more inclined to wag their tongues. Referring to Western politicians and journalists who spoke disparagingly of BRICS, he said: "It shows that they are wagging their tongues while we are using our brains and engaging in real issues."
BRICS is the name of a group of countries with emerging and growing economies. This name is derived from the first letters of the English names of the member countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
In the recent meeting hosted by South Africa and held in the shadow of intense confrontation between Russia and China with America and Europe, six countries' membership requests were accepted. By 2024, the six countries of Iran, Argentina, Ethiopia and the three Arab countries of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will be added to this group.
"Sergei Ryabkov", the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, said in a press conference in Johannesburg regarding the acceptance of new members, that there is no possibility of Western countries joining the BRICS group. The senior Russian official emphasized that as long as Western countries have hostile policies against a BRICS member, they have no chance to join BRICS.
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