Publish dateTuesday 19 September 2023 - 10:22
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The meeting of the foreign ministers of China and Russia: We have a special responsibility to maintain stability in the world
During the meeting in Moscow, the foreign ministers of China and Russia, while pointing out the similar positions of the two countries regarding the actions of the United States, said that they have a special responsibility for maintaining strategic stability in the world.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who visited Moscow, met and consulted with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, on Monday evening.
Wang and Lavrov, while pointing to the two countries' similar positions on America's actions, said that China and Russia have a special responsibility for maintaining strategic stability in the world.
According to "Sputnik" news agency, the Chinese Foreign Minister explained about this: "The current turmoil in the international and regional situation requires maintaining communication, constant synchronization of clocks and coordination of efforts to advance strategic cooperation."
Wang continued: "Our cooperation (China and Russia) is not against any country and we do not interfere in the internal affairs of others. At the same time, as leading global powers and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, China and Russia have a special responsibility for maintaining global strategic stability and world progress. "The more the unilateral violent actions of the rulers and the bloc confrontation, the more important it is for us to keep up with the times."
The Russian Foreign Minister also stated that Beijing and Moscow are cooperating in the difficult situation where the world is experiencing geostructural changes.
According to Sputnik, while discussing the war in Ukraine, the two sides also emphasized that it is not possible to end this crisis through political and peaceful solutions without the presence of Russia.
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced in a statement that the talks between Wang and Lavrov in Moscow were conducted in a "trustworthy and constructive manner in line with the Russia-China talks".
At the same time, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Chinese Vice President Han Zheng emphasized the need for responsible and healthy Beijing-Washington relations during their meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
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