Publish dateMonday 2 October 2023 - 15:11
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The Central Intelligence Agency of Ukraine announced that the country has carried out a drone attack on a KH-59 cruise missile factory located in western Russia.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): While the military conflicts between Ukraine and Russia continue with the comprehensive support of the West to Kiev, Ukrainian officials announced a drone attack on a missile factory in Russia.
Western media sources such as "Newsweek" reported that the Central Intelligence Agency of Ukraine (GUR) claimed in its statement on Monday (today) to attack a specific target in Russia.
According to the announcement of this Ukrainian military-intelligence agency, over the weekend (yesterday Sunday), the Russian "Kh-59" cruise missile manufacturing plant was targeted by several drone attacks.
According to the Central Intelligence Agency of Ukraine, three of the four drones that flew towards the Smolensk air factory in western Russia hit the target and caused "a lot of damage and disruption to the production process" of the missiles.
Ukrainian officials claimed that the Kh-59 cruise missile is one of the missiles that Russia has repeatedly used to attack Ukraine.
The Central Office of the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency claimed that large areas of the country's military and civilian targets, including Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson, were targeted by these Cruiser missiles.
The claim of the Ukrainian authorities about the targeting of the Russian cruise missile production plant has been made in a situation where the Moscow authorities have not commented on this issue and have not confirmed or denied this claim.
Russian officials have previously rejected the positions of Ukrainian officials and stated that the Russian army uses its military tools only to target the military targets of the Ukrainian army and that civilian targets are not on the agenda of Moscow's military attacks.
In recent months, Ukrainian drones and drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) have attacked various targets, including Russia's border areas, the Crimean Peninsula, Moscow and other areas.
The Russian army has put missile and drone attacks on the agenda in response to Ukraine's drone attacks.
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