Publish dateMonday 27 November 2023 - 15:38
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Al-Khasawneh: Displacing the Palestinian people means declaring war with Jordan
Bashir al-Khasawneh, the Prime Minister of Jordan, emphasized that the displacement of the Palestinian people is tantamount to declaring war with Jordan and noted that according to the peace treaty [with Tel Aviv], any movement or displacement of residents is not permissible and is a threat to Jordan's national security.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International service: Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr al-Khasawneh emphasized yesterday Sunday evening that the country is against the forced relocation of the Palestinian people from the Gaza Strip.
Bezalel Smotrich, the minister of finance of the Zionist regime's cabinet, recently emphasized the voluntary migration of the Palestinian people from the Gaza Strip to other countries and said: "Voluntary migration and the transfer of Gaza residents to other countries is a humane solution to end the suffering of the Jews and It is the Arabs.
These statements of the Israeli minister are in line with the statements of other officials of Netanyahu's cabinet, who demand the migration of about 2.3 million residents of the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula and the migration of more than 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank to Jordan.
Al-Khasawneh told Jordan's "Al-Malke" news channel: Any displacement of the Palestinian people means the destruction of the Palestinian issue and is considered a threat to Jordan's national security. This issue is our red line.
Pointing out that the displacement of the Palestinian people is tantamount to declaring war with Jordan, he pointed out: According to the peace treaty [with Tel Aviv], any movement or displacement of the residents is not allowed. Therefore, if conditions are created that cause the forced displacement of residents, it is a violation of the peace agreement and will return us to a state of no peace. This applies to Jordan and Egypt.
Emphasizing the need for a permanent ceasefire, this Jordanian official said: King Abdullah II of Jordan warned against ignoring the two-state solution during the past ten years. This strategy emphasizes the formation of an independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital.
In the end, he said: Jordan believes that any attempt to change the legal and historical reality in the Islamic and Christian holy sites of Al-Aqsa Mosque is our red line.
For years, the Zionist regime has been talking about the settlement of Palestinians in the Sinai region of Egypt and claims that the Sinai Peninsula is the best place for Palestinians to establish their country there! This is facing a strong reaction from the Palestinian people and its resistance leaders, who declared that the land of Sinai belongs to Egypt, and Palestine itself is a land, and the Palestinian state will be formed throughout its lands from the sea to the river, and the Palestinian people will never replace a place. They don't do their homeland.
With the start of the Gaza war, Tel Aviv proposed its old plan once again, and in the shadow of opposition from Cairo and the Palestinians, Israel, aligned with the United States, warned and advised the 1.1 million Palestinians living in the north of the Gaza Strip to stay in this area. to be transferred to the south of the Gaza Strip, and the US government also explicitly supported the occupation regime's request to transfer the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip to a so-called safe place in the Sinai Peninsula through the creation of a humanitarian corridor.
The disclosure of information from inside the Zionist regime's cabinet and the Ministry of Intelligence of this regime last October shows that Israel has planned to expel tens of thousands of Palestinians from Gaza and force them to settle in Sinai.
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