Publish dateThursday 30 November 2023 - 16:27
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The ceasefire in Gaza was extended for another day
This morning (Thursday), with the end of the 6-day ceasefire, the Hamas movement announced in a statement that the agreement will continue for another day.
Afghan voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to the Fars News Agency International Group, "30 Palestinian prisoners will be released in exchange for 10 hostages in Gaza, in addition to 2 Russian and 3 Thai citizens", the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced this news on Thursday morning and at 07:00 in the morning after Expiration of 6 days of temporary ceasefire, the Zionist army and Hamas announced that it will be extended for another day.
According to the report of Al-Jazeera network, the Israeli army announced that the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip will continue "due to the efforts of the mediators to continue the process of releasing the hostages and subject to the terms of the agreement."
Hamas also stated in a separate statement that the agreement to extend the temporary ceasefire that started last Friday continues, and reports indicate that the pause in the clashes between the two sides will continue for 24 hours.
At the same time as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's third visit to the occupied territories since the beginning of the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation, Israeli TV channel 12 reported this morning that "the possibility of a two-day temporary ceasefire will be examined at the Israeli security meeting."
Qatar, which acts as a mediator between Hamas and Tel Aviv, said that the temporary ceasefire agreement was extended under the same conditions as before; The truce has been extended for 24 hours, with just an hour before it expired, there was no prospect of it continuing because the two sides had not agreed on a new list of Israelis to be released./Fars  news
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