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Israel and America
According to a plan, Israel and the United States are seeking to relocate the people of Gaza to 4 countries: Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Yemen.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, "Israel Hum" newspaper, printed in occupied Jerusalem, announced today (Friday) in a report about the plan of Israel and the United States to transfer the residents of Gaza to the four countries of Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Yemen in exchange for economic incentives for these countries. .
This newspaper wrote that the above-mentioned plan was brought to the notice of the high-ranking officials of the American Democratic and Republican parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate and was met with their approval.
This plan is based on encouraging the residents of Gaza to leave this area and travel to other countries, and as claimed by Israel Hume, it is not supposed to be compulsory. A total of four plans are under consideration, according to which incentives have been considered for both the residents of Gaza and the destination countries.
Although the US government announced in the early stages of the war that it would oppose the forced displacement of the people of Gaza, official statements show that the Joe Biden administration will not oppose a voluntary withdrawal.
"Israel Hume" disclosed the above plan and wrote that the American representative "Joy Wilson" is the main initiator of this plan; A plan according to which America considers the provision of economic aid to Egypt, Turkey and Yemen conditional on the settlement of Gaza residents in these countries.
In the continuation of Israel Hume's report, it is stated: "This plan depends on solving the problem that Hamas allows the residents of Gaza to leave and Egypt opens its borders to them; "The only moral way is to ensure that Egypt opens its borders and allows the people of Gaza to escape the control of Israel and Hamas," says Joy Wilson, the owner of the project.
According to "Joy Wilson", the Egyptian government can use the 1.3 billion US dollars in aid for the refugees who enter the country from Gaza.
The American representative added: "Egypt should not be the only country that accepts refugees, Iraq and Yemen receive about one billion dollars in US foreign aid, and Turkey receives more than 150 million dollars, each of these countries receives enough foreign aid. Each of them has a large population that will not have a problem with accepting refugees of less than one percent of their population.
The owners of this initiative want the US government to allocate financial aid to Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and Turkey on the condition of accepting a certain number of refugees./Fars news
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