Publish dateSunday 3 December 2023 - 10:26
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The UN is concerned about the increase in the detention of Palestinians in the West Bank by the Zionist regime
The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner has expressed deep concern over the massive increase in the detention of Palestinians by the Zionist regime in the West Bank and has called for an investigation into allegations of torture in detention centers in the occupied territories.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In a statement published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, it is stated that since the start of the war against Gaza in early October, the Zionist regime has killed more than 3,000 Palestinians. He has detained in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which is an unprecedented number of detainees without charge or trial.

According to Russia Elium, the statement further states that six Palestinians died in the prisons of the Zionist regime within two months, which is the highest number of deaths in such a short period of time in recent decades.

Since the attack by Hamas on the 7th of October and the subsequent heavy bombing of Gaza by the Zionist regime, Palestinians imprisoned in the prisons of the Zionist regime have reported their dire situation, including overcrowding, limited access to food and water, and limited access to family or lawyers. 

This UN-affiliated office has stated: The massive increase in the number of Palestinians arrested and detained, the number of reports of ill-treatment and insults to prisoners, and the failure to adhere to basic necessary legal measures, all of these raise serious questions about the extent of the implementation of international humanitarian laws and International law is raised by the Zionist regime.

This organization added: All cases of death in custody and allegations of torture and other ill-treatment should be investigated and Israel's accountability should be ensured.
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