Publish dateSunday 3 December 2023 - 11:48
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The European Union has provided 1.2 billion euros to Afghanistan in the last two years
European Union officials say that since August 2021, when the Islamic Emirate took power, it has provided 1.2 billion euros to the people of Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The latest aid package of this union worth 142.8 million euros to strengthen basic services and preserve the livelihood of the Afghan people was approved at the end of November.

Jutta Orpilinen, the European Union's Commissioner for International Partnerships, said that "the Union's commitment to stand by the people of Afghanistan is unwavering."

He said that the European Union has prepared a new support measure to meet the growing basic needs of the Afghan people.

According to him, this package of 142.8 million euros will be spent on health, nutrition, education, provision of clean water for Afghan citizens, especially women, girls and displaced populations.

This European official said: "We also support their (Afghan citizens) livelihood and pay special attention to the economic empowerment of women."

The announcement of the European Union states that the new aid package is part of the 1.2 billion euro package that has been mobilized from August 2021 to date to support the people of Afghanistan.

The European Union has said that it has provided a total of 676 million euros in aid, in addition to 554 million euros in humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan.

According to the statistics of the US Office of Inspection for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the US has provided 2.6 billion in aid to Afghanistan since August 2021.

It should be mentioned that despite these aids, aid agencies in Afghanistan say that they are facing a lack of funds.
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