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10,000 airstrikes against Gaza in 58 days/ a new round of Zionist attacks on hospitals
The continuation of the bombing of various areas of Gaza, including the entrance of some hospitals, and the announcement of 10,000 airstrikes against Gaza in 58 days are among the most important developments of the 59th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: On the 59th day of their attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes targeted the vicinity of two hospitals, resulting in a number of martyrs and a number of injuries.

Eight family members were martyred in the bombing of al-Tanwar neighborhood in Rafah city, located in the south of Gaza.

The Israeli regime's army admits the death of 3 more soldiers in Gaza

The spokesman of the Zionist regime officially admitted that 3 other soldiers of this regime were killed in the battles in Gaza and another soldier was seriously injured.

The Zionist regime's army has announced that 77 people have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the ground attack on this strip.

Phone call between the foreign ministers of the United States and Qatar

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced that the country's Foreign Minister, Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman, in a phone call with his American counterpart, Anthony Blinken, emphasized Doha's firm position in condemning all forms of attacks on civilians.

Qatar's foreign minister also said that his country and partners are required to continue efforts to return to the ceasefire in Gaza.

10,000 airstrikes against Gaza in 58 days

The Israeli army announced that since the beginning of Al-Aqsa storm on October 7th, until today, it has carried out 10,000 airstrikes in Gaza.

Islamic Jihad's response to the help of the British Air Force to Tel Aviv in the attack on Gaza

In response to the participation of the British Air Force and the country's assistance to the Israeli army in conducting flights over Gaza in order to gather information, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement said that this action is a real participation in the war and that London is an accomplice.

A new round of Zionist attacks on Gaza hospitals

The Palestinian media reported a heavy explosion around Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah (central Gaza). On the other hand, the entrance of Kamal Adawan Hospital was also targeted by an air attack and these attacks are rare.

The images obtained from the Kamal Adwan hospital, located in the north of Gaza, show that a number of Palestinians were martyred and many were injured as a result of the bombardment at the entrance of this hospital.

8 martyrs from the members of a family in southern Gaza

Israeli RIM warplanes bombarded the home of the Al-Jazar family in Rafah city, killing eight people so far.

Al-Houthi: The dream of the Zionists to create the Ben-Gurion canal was destroyed

The senior member of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen commented on the country's new operations against Israeli ships.

According to Al-Mayadeen network, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi said: "After our naval operation, the dream of the occupying regime to create another Ben-Gurion Canal has ended."

Several decades ago, the Americans proposed to use 590 atomic bombs to create a gap between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea in the Negev desert of occupied Palestine to create the Ben-Gurion Canal. The cost of building this 300-kilometer canal is estimated at more than 100 billion dollars.

The Zionist regime believes that the complete removal of the Gaza Strip and the relocation of its population to Egypt can solve the security challenge of the aforementioned channel.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, emphasized this Sunday evening that the country's navy targeted two Israeli ships in Bab al-Mandab this morning.

"Ambri" maritime security company claimed that "an unknown ship with the flag of the Bahamas was hit by a missile on the western coast of Yemen".

Hours later, the Reuters news agency also reported that a drone attacked a transport ship in the waters in front of Hodeidah port, in the west of Yemen, in the Red Sea.
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