Publish dateWednesday 6 December 2023 - 12:27
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Afghanistan asked Turkish businessmen to invest in the agriculture sector
Officials in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of the Islamic Emirate say that Maulavi Ataullah Omari, acting head of the ministry, said in a meeting with the Turkish ambassador that it is favorable to grow any kind of plants in Afghanistan and that Turkish investors should invest in Afghanistan's agriculture sector.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Misbahuddin Mustain, the head of information and public awareness of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, in a conversation with the AVA reporter, said that Maulavi Ataullah Omari and Maulavi  Osmani, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of this ministry met with Turkey's Ambassador Jenk Onal. They met in Kabul and discussed the acceleration of experiences in agriculture and livestock between the two countries.

Misbahuddin Mustain said that in this meeting, the two sides talked about joint work and exchange of agricultural experiences between Afghanistan and Turkey.

In this meeting, the Turkish ambassador appreciated the struggle and decisive decision of the Islamic Emirate in the direction of banning the cultivation of drugs and expressed the interest of the people and the government of Turkey to cooperate with Afghanistan.

The Turkish ambassador said that we are determined to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate, especially in the field of agriculture and livestock.

According to Mustain, the Turkish ambassador said in this meeting: "We are trying to transfer products with high resistance to Turkey to be sold there, the interest of the Turkish people and its investors is more for the use and trade of fruits such as pomegranates and dried fruits that It does not get spoiled on the way and has a market for sale.

According to him, in this meeting, Maulavi Ataullah Omari gave information about the unique characteristics of Afghanistan in the field of cultivation of any type of plant and asked the Turkish delegation to be a bridge between the two nations in the direction of the rapprochement and development of agriculture.

In this meeting, the Acting Ministry of Agriculture asked the Turkish government to cooperate in the transfer of agricultural experiences, dispatch of experts, joint meetings of experts, investment and trade of agricultural and fruit products of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Islamic Emirate.

According to the words of the head of information and public awareness of the Ministry of Agriculture, in this meeting, Maulvi Ataullah Omari spoke about Afghanistan's suitability for growing all kinds of plants and the growth of organic products, and asked Turkish businessmen to invest in Afghanistan's agriculture sector.
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