Publish dateWednesday 6 December 2023 - 14:17
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Palestinian supporters rally in Hollywood, denounce censorship of pro-Palestine actors
Palestinian supporters have staged a rally in Hollywood, protesting against the Gaza genocide, as the Israeli regime forces continue its months-long pounding of the besieged Palestinian land.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: The American protesters gathered outside the office of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) in Beverley Hills, California, on Tuesday, chanting "Free Palestine" and "Ceasefire Now".
"It's really important for anybody to take a stance against genocide. It's everyone's, you know, humanitarian duty to do so," said Sara B, 30, one of the pro-Palestinian protesters at the rally, who preferred not to give her full name for fear of Zionists' reprisal.
American actors and artists who speak out against the Israeli regime's genocide of the helpless Palestinians in Gaza are being punished for what they claim to be anti-Semitism.
"It's outrageous. Hollywood has a history of this. It was done to people in Hollywood during the McCarthy era, and now they are actively engaging in it themselves," said Estee Chandler, a Jewish pro-Palestine protester, who gathered with dozens of other protesters outside United Talent Agency (UTA) before marching through Beverly Hills towards MGM. "Media entities are actually punishing people for speaking out."
Tuesday's protests in Beverly Hills occurred amid reports that UTA had dropped Academy Award-winning actor Susan Sarandon over remarks she made while addressing a pro-Palestine rally in New York last month.
Separately, 'Scream' actor Melissa Barrera was fired from the franchise by Spyglass Media Group after re-sharing a pro-Palestine post on social media.
"Hollywood is notorious for censoring any actors, artists for speaking out about the cause. They're canceling some of their best A-list artists and actors," Sara B added.
Meanwhile, Muslim American leaders have pledged to rally their communities against US President Joe Biden in his 2024 bid for re-election due to his steadfast support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza.
Muslim community leaders gathered on Saturday in Dearborn, Michigan, to protest against Biden’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, reiterating that his indifference towards the massacre of Muslims could affect his support in crucial swing states next year.
Israel unleashed its genocidal war on Gaza after Palestinian groups launched an operation on Oct. 7 in response to Israelis intensified decades-long atrocities and expansionist policy. The Israeli regime has vowed to continue its attacks until the complete annihilation of Hamas and total eradication of the resistance movement.
Gaza health officials said on Tuesday that at least 16,248 people, including 7,112 children and 4,885 women had been killed in Gaza by the Israeli war machine in the past two months.
In addition to the death toll, thousands of Gazan are still missing in the chaos and feared to be buried under the rubble of the razed residential buildings.
The Tel Aviv regime forces have also cut off water, food, power, and fuel to Gaza where UN officials say citizens are at risk of starvation and disease as the dire situation is rapidly deteriorating into possibly the worst mass-killing of civilians, unprecedented within living memory./Press tv
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