Publish dateThursday 7 December 2023 - 09:59
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The World Bank report that half of the Afghan people are below the poverty line is incorrect
The Economic Deputy Office of the Prime Minister has published a statement rejecting the recent report of the World Bank in which it is said that half of the people of Afghanistan live below the poverty line and considered it far from reality.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: In a statement published by the Office of the Economic Deputy Prime Minister, it is stated: On December 4th, the World Bank published a report on the economic situation of Afghanistan, in which it is said that "the level of inflation is It has also decreased compared to the previous months, the national income has increased, the level of imports has increased, the value of the Afghani currency has increased significantly against other currencies, the prices of food and non-food items have decreased, in the system Banking progress has been made and healthy quality services have been offered to the people.

In the announcement, it is said: The Economic Deputy of the Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appreciates the above-mentioned items in the report published by the World Bank, which is based on facts, because these developments are an objective fact presented by the World Bank.

In the announcement of the economic deputy of the prime minister, it is stated that the World Bank report said that half of the people of Afghanistan live below the poverty line, the Islamic Emirate rejects this issue because after the transformation in the country, large and medium projects It has started in which tens of thousands of people have a favorable working environment, and with the progress in the fields of trade, industry, agriculture and infrastructure, work opportunities have been provided for the citizens, as a result of which many of the people's problems have been solved. The world ignores it, that's another story.

The announcement added: The Economic Deputy of the Prime Minister's Office considers the content of this report to be far from reality and does not approve it.

It is also stated in the announcement of this office: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that if the international community turns to positive interaction, removes restrictions on the banking system and other areas, and frees the frozen funds of the Afghan people, Afghanistan will Along with other sectors, there will be considerable progress in the economic field.

In this announcement, it is said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again asks all international organizations to show the progress in Afghanistan, which is happening in Afghanistan every day, however, the world is not aware of the real situation of Afghanistan and the progress. 

It should be noted that in its new report on the economic situation of Afghanistan, the World Bank said that unemployment and poverty have increased and 15 million people in this country are struggling with food insecurity.
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