Publish dateThursday 7 December 2023 - 15:29
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Half a million "Israelis" have left occupied Palestine in the last two months
The Zionist media, citing sources, have reported that since the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, half a million Israelis have left (Occupied Palestine) and have never returned.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: "Time of Israel" website reported in this regard that according to the information of the "Israeli Population and Migration" department, half a million Israelis have emigrated since October 7. From the beginning of the war on October 7 to the end of this month, about 370,000 Israelis emigrated, and also about 139,839 people left Israel (Occupied Palestine) from the beginning of November to the end of that month and never returned.

According to this Hebrew media report, these half a million Israelis who have migrated since the Al-Aqsa storm operation do not include tens of thousands of foreign workers and diplomats who left Israel (Occupied Territories) after October 7 due to bad conditions and did not return.

According to Iran Press, this Zionist media emphasized that immigration to Israel (Occupied Palestine) has also decreased significantly this year due to the deterioration of the economic and social situation and the security of Israel as well as the policies of its cabinet. In the first weeks of the war, immigration to Israel almost completely stopped, and the number of people who immigrated to Israel since October 7 is less than 1 percent of the number who left.

  The "Let's leave Israel together" campaign, which was launched a few months ago after the establishment of the far-right cabinet of the Zionist regime, has intensified its activities after the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation and calls on Israelis on social media to participate in the world. Look for a safe destination for yourself.
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