Publish dateThursday 21 December 2023 - 12:22
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Australia rejected the US request to send a ship to the Red Sea
Australia did not accept America's request to send a ship to the Red Sea as part of Washington's announced coalition aimed at countering the operations of the Yemeni army.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)-Monitoring: According to Fars International News Group, Australia rejected the US request to send a warship to join the "maritime operations" in the Red Sea, and the country's Defense Minister Richard Marles said that Australia's strategic focus should remain on the Indo-Pacific region. 
The United States this week announced the formation of an international coalition aimed at "protecting commercial vessels" crossing the Red Sea in the face of Yemeni military operations. Participating countries include the United States, England, France and Canada. 
Australia's defense minister, who is also the country's deputy prime minister, told Sky News on Thursday that the country will not send ships or planes to the Middle East, but instead will almost triple its forces in the US-led navy, which he says is equivalent to adding there are six other forces. He added: Our strategic focus is our region. 
The US request has been rejected by Australia, the country's closest defense partner, the US, whose relationship was strengthened in 2021 by the ACOS security agreement, under which Canberra will take delivery of a nuclear submarine fleet. 
In recent weeks, in parallel with the intensification of the Israeli regime's attacks against Gaza, the Yemeni army has narrowed the field for Israeli ships that intend to pass through the Bab al-Mandab strait in the Red Sea, and also targeted the occupied Palestinian territories and specifically the port of Eilat with drones and missiles. Has set.
Forty percent of the world's international trade is carried out through this strait, which passes between Yemen at the extreme southwest of the Arabian Peninsula and the African continent.
In addition to forming a coalition, Bloomberg reported early on Wednesday that the United States and its allies are considering possible airstrikes against the Yemeni army to prevent operations against Zionist ships.
These threats come at a time when the spokesperson of the Ansarullah movement has warned America and Western countries that direct operations against Yemen will turn into a regional and international war, the disastrous effects of which are unimaginable./Fars news
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