Publish dateSunday 28 January 2024 - 23:04
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Kabir: The Goal of Our Fight is Achieved and an Islamic Regime Come to Power
In the graduation ceremony of a religious school in Khost, Mowlawi Abdul Kabir, said that after the fight against the Soviet Union, the basic goal which was the rule of an Islamic government, was not achieved.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, According to him, after the takeover of Kabul and the defeat of the US, the goal has been achieved and an Islamic regime has come to power. 
“In the former Mujahidin’s tenure, the goal of Jihad was the rule of a complete Islamic government but was not achieved due to the opposition among some people to gaining positions. After the 20-year-old Jihad against the United States and NATO, now a complete Islamic government is formed,” he added. 
The acting Minister of Virtue and Vice, Mohammad Khaled Hanafi, also said that the foreign countries misled the people in the past 20 years under the name of human rights and other freedoms. 
According to him, the Islamic Emirate does not retreat from the smallest position in implementing Shari'ah rules.
“Even if there is one day of life, we won’t retreat from a single Islamic rule,” Mohammad Khaled Hanafi said. 
Meanwhile, another prominent official of the Islamic Emirate, Anas Haqqani, said that no one should be harassed according to his/her past background. 
He also asked the new graduates not to try to gain a governmental position. 
“We should not be afraid of someone’s blame, this is our nation, and you are the rulers of them, treat them as your offspring. Governing the rights and limits of all the people of different religions are clear to us in Shari'ah. We should treat them according to Shari'ah,” Haqqani said. 
The higher officials of the Islamic Emirate also said that the Islamic Emirate is formed of all ethnicities and no one is allowed to create oppositions in the name of race and ethnicity.
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