Publish dateThursday 28 March 2024 - 12:46
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Holding a training program and distribution of sugar for bee farmers in Badakhshan
Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Badakhshan Province with the support of an international company distributed 640 sacks of sugar to bee farmers in this province and organized a one-day training program for them.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-Sharif: Qari Qutbuddin Dahnavi, head of agriculture, irrigation and livestock of Badakhshan Province, while attending the sugar distribution program for bee farmers in this province, said that the "Afghanistan International Value Chain Company of Agricultural Products" in coordination with the government departments of the program Organized a one-day training for bee farmers.
He clarified that 150 farmers from Badakhshan province beekeepers union participated in this training program and recently this program was distributed to farmers of sugar sacks.

Qari Dehnavi added: 640 sacks of sugar have been donated to feed the bees, and each bee farmer's share has been distributed from 4 sacks to 8 sacks according to the need, and the necessary support to strengthen beekeeping and honey production will continue.
The mentioned said that Badakhshan Province Beekeepers Union, which works in beekeeping and honey production sector, has been cooperating with Afghan Agricultural Products Value Chain Company for ten years now, and these cooperations are bilateral.
It should be mentioned that honey production and bee breeding in Badakhshan province have grown significantly in recent years and even the honeys of this province are exported to foreign countries.
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