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Lack of 45,000 active beds in the country/international institutions should cooperate with the Ministry of Health
At the same time as the World Health Day, the Acting Ministry of Public Health has pointed out that there are 10,000 active beds in the country and said that this ministry needs 45,000 other active beds, as well as doctors, staff and medical equipment for public access to health services.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)-Kabul: The Ministry of Public Health celebrated "World Health Day" with the slogan "My health is my right" at a press conference in Kabul on Sunday 19th of Hamal.
Qalandar Ebad, Acting Minister of Public Health, said in this meeting that there are 12,000 active beds throughout Afghanistan, which is not enough to provide health services to patients, and that the Ministry needs 45,000 active beds for Afghan citizens to access health services. .
He added: "In order to access public health services, we need 45,000 active beds, which requires doctors, employees and equipment. We ask international organizations to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in various sectors."
According to the Acting Minister of Public Health, 1.5% of health services are provided to citizens in every 10 kilometers of Afghanistan.
On the other hand, a number of residents of different provinces say that they have less access to standard services. They want the Ministry of Public Health to provide citizens access to standard services in their provinces.
Shams-ul-Haq, a resident of Parwan, says: "We have less access to quality services in our province, and we had to bring our child to the Children's Health Hospital; Because the doctors said that they cannot treat our child in the province."
Hassan, a resident of Ghazni, also says: "Health services are less in Ghazni. We had to bring our child to the center. We want the government to provide standard health services in our province."
Mohammad Iqbal Sadiq, the chief physician of Andragandi Children's Health Hospital, in a conversation with Salam Vatandar, asks the Ministry of Public Health to undertake capacity improvement programs to prevent patients from going abroad for treatment.
He adds: "Most of people's money is spent on treatment; More people go abroad. "The government is obliged to send doctors abroad to improve their capacity so that people do not wander in other countries."
April 7, 1948, was named World Health Day by the World Health Organization with the aim of addressing standard health services by countries.
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