Publish dateThursday 13 June 2024 - 11:50
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American and British coalition air attack on Yemen / Continued bombing of Gaza / Joint resistance operation of Yemen and Iraq against the Israeli regime
The war in Gaza continues while the resistance front in the region increases the intensity and scope of its attacks against the occupiers and the occupying army also bombards the women and children of Gaza in response.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: 251 days have passed since the war in Gaza, a new page has been opened in the history of the Palestinian struggle as well as the resistance front in the region. The occupying regime never imagined such days until a year ago, and now they are aimlessly bombing residential areas in different parts of Gaza.

According to the latest statistics of the information office of Hamas, the number of martyrs in Gaza has exceeded 37,000, of which 16,000 are children and 10,367 are women. 33 children have also been martyred so far. Also, 70 percent of the 85,000 injured are women and children.

In terms of political developments, Joe Biden's plan for a cease-fire continues, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken will visit Qatar to discuss this issue.

Yesterday in Doha, Blanken tried to identify Hamas as the cause of the non-stop war. If the response of this movement was met with resistance, Hamas said in a statement that Israel has not yet announced its agreement with any of the ceasefire plans. Blanken will find lies. He wants to blame Hamas.

Follow the most important developments on the 251st day of the Al-Aqsa Storm operation:

Haaretz: 350 hectares are on fire due to Hezbollah rockets
Ha'aretz newspaper reported that 3500 dunums (350 hectares) of occupied northern Palestinian land were set on fire after being hit by more than 200 Hezbollah rockets and shells.

Haaretz added: "Hezbollah's attacks have been more intense in the last month, and the assessment is that these attacks have not ended, and there is a fear that these events will take a long time."

 American-British coalition airstrike in Yemen
Yemeni sources reported two airstrikes on a government building in the district of "Al-Jebin" in the province of "Rima" in the west of Yemen.

According to al-Mayadeen network, 5 civilians were injured in this airstrike, one of them is reported to be in critical condition.

Hamas movement: Israel has not accepted any of the ceasefire plans, Blanken is lying
The Hamas movement in its statement emphasized that it has always wanted to stop the war and exchange prisoners. He said that contrary to America's claims, the Israeli regime does not accept any of these plans.

Hamas said that if the US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken's false claim regarding the agreement with the regime is true, Washington's complicity with the crimes of the occupying regime is a cover and political support for this regime.

2 Israeli air strikes in southern Lebanon
Lebanese sources informed about the 2nd attack in a row by the occupying Israeli Air Force on the village of "Eita al-Shaab" located in the south of the country.

The joint operation of the armed forces of Yemen and the Islamic resistance of Iraq
In a statement, the Yemeni armed forces announced the implementation of two joint military operations with the Islamic resistance of Iraq.

 According to this statement, a military operation was also carried out in the Red Sea, targeting the TUTOR ship, which was bound for occupied Palestinian ports.
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