Publish dateFriday 14 June 2024 - 13:14
Story Code : 291990
Continued Hezbollah missile attacks; Firing 150 rockets into occupied Galilee and Golan
Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that it fired more than 150 missiles and 30 drones towards the Zionist areas in the occupied Syrian Golan and northern occupied Palestine.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In a statement, Hezbollah announced the simultaneous firing of 30 suicide drones and 150 missiles at important military targets of the Zionist regime, including the intelligence headquarters responsible for the terrorist activities of this regime, in just one hour.
In this statement, Hezbollah added that in order to support the resilient people of the Gaza Strip and its honorable and brave resistance, and in the context of responding to the terror that the enemy carried out in the town of Joya in southern Lebanon, the Islamic Resistance conducted a combined operation using missiles and drones. during which:
According to Hezbollah, al-Zaourah hangars, Kila base and Yoaf base, Katsafia, Nafah and Sahl battalion bases in Beit Hillel were targeted, and at the same time with several suicide drones, Daoud base, the northern region command headquarters, Mishar, the main intelligence headquarters of the northern region and responsible The assassinations in the Zionist army and the headquarters of Katsafia targeted the headquarters of the 7th military armored brigade affiliated to the 210th Golan Division, which rockets and drones accurately hit the mentioned targets.
According to this report, Hizbollah's attacks today are the largest and most widespread attack against the Zionist regime since October 8.
At the same time, the media of the Zionist regime reported the occurrence of 15 fires in the occupied Golan and the occupied areas of northern occupied Palestine following these missile attacks from the south of Lebanon.
Meanwhile, Hezbollah had fired more than 230 rockets at targets in the north of the occupied territories.
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