Publish dateSaturday 15 June 2024 - 11:33
Story Code : 292025
Israel rejected France
Yoav Gallant, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, has rejected the French plan to reduce the tension between this regime and Lebanon's Hezbollah.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Gallant said yesterday (Friday) that he is against France's proposal to hold a tripartite meeting with the participation of America, France and Israel.

The Minister of War of the Zionist regime called the so-called French positions regarding the Gaza war the reason for this opposition.

He said in a statement about the reason for rejecting Paris's request: "While we are engaged in a war to defend our people, France has adopted hostile policies against Israel."

He added: "By doing this, France has ignored Hamas' crimes against children, women and Israeli men, and Israel will not be one of the parties to the tripartite framework proposed by France."

It is still unclear whether Gallant's position was expressed on behalf of the entire cabinet of the Zionist regime or whether it was related to his own office.

In the past, the authorities of the Zionist regime have repeatedly taken contradictory positions regarding the same events.
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